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We are the future of sports betting

Betsquare is a fast-growing deep-tech company with proven traction and exciting solutions. Sports betting is a red hot but highly predatory industry. We see the future of sports betting as being fair to everyone.

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Best odds in the world

Our platform is already superior to most products in the market, offering the best odds in the world. We barely scratched the surface. Join us in our journey to create the number #1 platform in the world.

Built with frontier technologies

Our solutions are based on game-breaking research fields such as game-theory, machine learning, behavioral micro-targeting, computer vision, natural language processing, and distributed networks.

Vertical Integration

Other than our innovative technologies we also develop a complete suite of marketing tools. This ecosystem would enable us to break away from the pack by keeping our customer acquisition costs economic while offering our players with the best offering in the industry.

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