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Linear Commission

Most competitive sportsbooks charge somewhere around 4% margin as a standard. These margins are compounded every time a bet is placed. The more players bet, the more they lose, at an exponentially increasing rate.

Linearity² is engineered to offer the best odds in the world, with margins as low as x20 times below the the market mean. Our platform, Robet, is the first sportsbook in the world to establishing a linear fee structure, providing player with a true opportunity to win.    

Two-Wallet Solution

Our Linearity² based platform, establishes a two-wallet system for every user to interact with. The first wallet is FIAT-based with which players interchange with their traditional financial institutions. The second one is an Ethereum-based wallet powered by ROBET, our proprietary ERC-20 token. 

Players can choose to place bets with either wallet. Playing with the FIAT wallet, they will enjoy a slightly better-than-industry margins, with a similar technology to other leading sportsbooks'. However, when placing a bet with the ROBET wallet, players will enjoy near zero margins, paying only the exchange fees to cover for overhead and the potential risk.

Any Currency to Any Currency Conversion

One of our most useful tools is an any currency to any currency convertor that allows players from all over the world to deposit to our platform with ease. Leveraging real-time currency exchange technologies, our players can choose any of our available payment solutions to fund and withdraw from their local currency accounts. That includes leading popular cryptocurrencies.

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